We were also all blessed with an incredible run of fine weather over 12 days.

We wish to thank all the attendees who traveled vast distances from every state to be part of something special, who also embraced the event,displayed exceptionally good behavior and respect for other geocachers and campers, with many taking advantage of the great onsite camping. We had over 630 attendees.

The Committee thanks all the Sponsors and stallholders including: Geocaching.com, BeeDeeBags, Knightech Business Services,Icon Water, Garmin, Geostuff.com.au , Westpac, the Aussie Pathtag Club and our Major Supporter ,the ACT Government. Last week the ACT Government Heritage Festival staged its wrap up in the Government offices with the one representative invited to attend from all 60 Heritage events. The Clear Waters Mega was highlighted as one of only 6 on the Gala Evening to give a speech to the ministers and gathering and have images shown on a large screen. Some surveys were sent to a few caching attendees after Clear Waters ,and these comments were read to the crowd. Pics and comments attached.

Our committee wishes to thank the 2 major Sub Committees of the CACHE TOURS and GAMES committees who worked for many months putting in place and testing 10 lab caches, the exciting new Adventure Labs and a huge variety of day and night tours that enticed over 140 people to partake in some memorable experiences that will probably be unequaled again.
We wish to thank all the other volunteers who assisted on the gate duties, coin tables, registration tables, games tables, all under the control of Smittengranny who ran a great timetable. Also the 6 geocachers who conducted highly popular seminars.

Special thanks goes to the 3 local Rotary groups for their 5 day catering , keen bean coffee for 5 days of coffee services ,Paul Janssens-sax64 for 6 tons of quality firewood donations and drop offs, Barlens for their impressive stage,outdoor seating and stalls set up, Perisher Security for their 12 hour nightly gate security on the 4 main nights and the Sunday night entertainment “ Something like that “ that played hit song after hit song. We wish to acknowledge 2 special contributors to the atmosphere in the YOWIE and the TOWN CRIER – Joseph,who were everywhere. Also the Outdoor Cinema company for their impressive outdoor cinema screen nightly, with live camera projections and surround sound system as well as the indoor screen set up.
Much praise goes to the Queanbeyan Council who assisted greatly with months of meetings, input and ideas. We thank the mayoress Nichole Overall and Mayor Tim Overall who embraced the event all week and chatted to geocachers at many locations. Also Nichole and Tim the Yowieman for their geocaching and night ghost tours .Many thanks to Linda Roberts who gave the crowds much history and knowledge with her heritage presentations.The campfire attendees give a big shout out to Julia for her lovely tunes nightly.

Lastly, I wish to thank my hard working main Committee members including :

  • Paul-mtrax,
  • Di –darzeedi ,
  • Kath–kittykatch,
  • Graham-Grimraider,
  • James-Jusojara
  • John-Knightech.

Geocachers appreciated a few years of meetings putting together brilliant ideas, new concepts, a detailed website, impressive graphics, and a program that was certainly the longest and most comprehensive seen in Australian Mega history. The geocaching community and myself thank you for all the input and long hours at meetings and onsite.

Kind regards,
Greg Shaw,
Oz Mega Committee