Ever thought that geocaching was too skewed towards maths and science, do puzzle caches do your creative right-brain head in?
This Mega we want to acknowledge, embrace and celebrate creative geo-souls. Check out the geo categories, submit your entry and get your 15 seconds of fame.

Early submissions Welcome! Final cut off for submissions is Sunday 6pm




A fitting tribute for a geocacher’s tombstone or memorial notice in the newspaper.
e.g. “Here lies Jason – who will no longer cache on. RIP Jason.”


A three lined Japanese poem with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second line and 5 in the last line.
e.g. “Evil geoache Hidden in blackberry thorns Curse you Tankengine.”


Channel your inner Shakespeare.
e.g. “How do I solve thee, let me count the red herrings.”

Twitter Poem

Tweet a poem in less than 280 characters.


Let your creativity go nuts.

Fortune Cookie Advice

e.g. “The shortest route is not always the quickest.”


e.g. “There was a man from Nantucket, who found a cache as big as a bucket. A caching away, whilst on holiday, he found a few nice ones in Phuket.”


Submit a video of a geo song with fellow Geocachers that can be displayed on the big screen – or – better yet be performed live.

Kid Zone Poetry

Under 16s only.

Book Adaptation

Poem in the style of Dr Suess, a Golden Book, etc.



  • Submit entries as early as possible to joeylovespoetry or by leaving a written entry at the games information table.
  • Live poetry readings will be performed each night at the camp fire.
  • Please indicate if you are happy to read your own entry on stage or would prefer some else to.
  • Anonymous entries are welcome, but please keep them family friendly.

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