The official Pathtag set is now available for the Clear Waters event next Easter in Queanbeyan on the APC site.

The Aussie Pathtag Club is now in its 9th year. They are a subscription based club and produce a monthly Australian themed, family friendly pathtag for members. The APC has again proudly produced the official pathtag set for this event which can be ordered by filling in the form on the link below.

Sets are $21 for the complete set.You can’t buy just one tag. Its comes in a themed event package and only collectable at the stall onsite.

The APC will have pathtag albums, refill pages and past pathtags on their Corithinan stall onsite at the event for 4 days. New members are always welcome.For non attendees ,you can order and pay for postage but will only be sent the pack after the event.


View entire collection at the pathtags page