The Clear Waters Event is proud to be part of the Canberra and region Heritage Festival which commences on Monday 13 th April, the same unofficial start day of the Geocaching event.

  • In July (2019), the world will celebrate 50 years since man walked on the Moon and that footage came from Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station in the ACT!
  • This years Heritage Festival theme is “SPACE” .
  • More Geocaches are planned to be placed near the Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station area and Mt Stromlo as well as other heritage areas.

A free detailed Heritage book will go into every single Registration Pack at Clear Waters. The book will have a whole page dedicated to Geocaching, Canberra Geocaching and the Clear Waters event. The ACT Heritage Minister will be involved with the Clear Waters event. Geocachers and “muggles” alike on there trip to Canberra can visit Canberra Tracks signs, highlighting historical,cultural locations and points of interest. A huge percentage of these areas have geocaches there already.

A presentation will be shown the event GZ (showground) by the Heritage Committee on Canberra Tracks highlighting locations, this seminar is free to attendees.

A free Canberra Tracks app can be installed onto your phone which uses augmented reality technology (AR) to bring the Canberra Tracks self-drive heritage tour of  alive with additional video, audio and images.  Free Heritage events located around Canberra and Queanbeyan will be highlighted in the free booklet you receive.

More details on the Festival can be found on the ACT Environment website